attached vs built in garage

attached vs built in garage

attached vs built in garage
attached vs built in garage

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What is a Built-In Garage vs. Attached Garage vs. Detached Garage vs. Carport

With home insurance, the construction type of your garage can affect your overall insurance premium. Garage type is relevant because a home insurance carrier or agent wants to make sure your home carrier coverage limits up to replacement cost. Replacement costs should include the cost to rebuild your garage.

There are four main garage types:

attached vs built in garage

1. Built-In Garage (Coverage A)

A built-in garage is similar to an attached garage with one key difference: the garage is built into the living area and has living space directly above the garage.

Built-In Garage Examples:

2. Attached Garage (Coverage A)

The attached garage is the most common garage type. The garage is attached to the main home, but there is no living space above the garage.

Attached Garage Examples:

Detached Garage (Coverage B)

A detached garage is not structurally attached to the main home structure. It still has four walls and a roof. The coverage for this garage falls under Coverage B: Other Structures, so make sure you have enough coverage under Coverage B in your home insurance policy.

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  • Detached Garage Examples:

    Carport (Coverage A or Coverage B)

    A carport can be attached to the main dwelling structure (Coverage A) or off standing on its own (Coverage B). A carport is usually just a roof with wood pillars or other supports, but is missing some walls and has no garage door. They are more common in pleasant weather regions of the US.

    Carport Examples:

    Attached Carport (Coverage A)

    Detached Carport (Coverage B)

    Now you know how to identify garage construction types like an expert! You can read more about what types of garages are covered by your homeowners insurance.

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    (**) Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning our company, JCHQ Publishing will get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, but at no additional cost to you.

    I went to a lot of property tours in the past few years. Most real estate agents that I’ve met would talk about the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, neighborhood, but rarely the garage. 

    However, there was one particular salesperson that impressed me. He did an exceptional job of describing the functionality of each type of garage. He shared the pros and cons of each and the things to look out for. 

    I believe it is important for a prospective buyer to know about the garage of the subject property. After all, they could be using it every day. 

    Therefore, I have done some research on this topic. Hopefully, my findings can be helpful to you when servicing your clients.attached vs built in garage

    In this post, you will find the four main types of garage – Attached, Built-in, Semi-detached, and Detached Garage. You will also hear from an expert whether a garage would affect a property’s value.


    An attached garage is very common in residential properties. As its name suggests, the garage is attached to the house, and there isn’t any living space above it. 

    On the other hand, a built-in garage is also attached to the property, but there is a living area directly above it. 

    I used to live in a house with a built-in garage a few years ago. Although having the extra living space was nice, the area directly above the garage was freezing during the winter. I guess there wasn’t much insulation in the garage ceiling, so I would often turn up an electronic heater, which drove up the utility bills. 

    Just a quick recap. The difference between an attached and built-in garage is that an attached garage does not have living space directly above it, while a built-in garage has such living space. 

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  • An integral garage is a type of attached garage, and it is built within the walls of the house. The problem with an integral garage is that car emission may enter the house, leading to unwanted smell and health issues. Therefore, you need to make sure there is good air circulation in the integral garage, and the door connected to the home must be airtight.

    A Realtor once told me that the connected door should be able to close itself automatically. Also, it is safer to add a carbon monoxide detector in the area directly attached to the integral garage.

    The difference between a garage and a carport is that a garage has four walls and a roof. It is an enclosed area. In contrast, a carport can be as simple as having a metal frame with a roof. A carport can be either attached or detached to a house.

    A carport always reminds me of McDonald’s drive-through area.

    In most cases, a garage is more costly than a carport. Although a carport has a roof, it does not provide the same level of protection as a garage to a vehicle. Snow and rains may still come in from the sides. Also, theft may have easier access to the car.

    I suspect that the car could deteriorate quicker and that the home insurance premium may be higher for a carport garage.

    A detached garage is a standalone structure that is not connected to any part of the main property. 

    Most of the houses with a detached garage that I have seen are located in older neighborhoods. However, this is just from my personal observation, not sure if this situation is also true across the country.

    A detached garage has some benefits over an attached garage. You will have greater flexibility as to how big it is. You may customize it according to your taste. Having a detached garage can avoid gas emissions into the property, as you can build it further away from your home. 

    Believe it or not, many people use it as a “men cave” where they could have some alone time without going out. I have some friends where they would exercise and enjoy music in their detached garage. Some even use it as a home office when their vehicle is out.

    However, when comparing a detached garage to an attached garage, it also has its downsides. A detached garage does not have direct access to the house. Therefore, during harsh weather, it could be cumbersome to walk through rain and snow while carrying bags of groceries. You could also imagine how challenging it would be to hold a baby along with the car seat carrier in such a situation. 

    Furthermore, you will need to run extra wiring to have electricity for the detached garage.

    Some home insurance policies may not automatically insure the detached garage. From what I understand, typical home insurance is called Coverage A. It may not cover a detached garage because it is viewed as a separate structure. Therefore, you may need to add a Coverage B, which insurers fences, detached garages, and other structures on your property.

    Of course, having extra coverage would mean a higher premium. 

    A breezeway garage is a semi-attached to a property. Unlike an attached garage, the wall of a breezeway garage is not directly connecting to the main property. Rather there is a space or hallway in between the garage and the house. This dramatically reduces the gas emission or other unwanted smells in entering the house.

    Typically, there would be a side entrance door from the breezeway to the house. Also, there is a roof that covers you from snow and rain. In fact, some homeowners will use the breezeway as a front patio. They could sit there and enjoy the beautiful view of their front yard.

    “Having a garage almost always increases the market value of a home. I think the type of garage and the value it adds really depends on the market area we are talking about.

    In more rural areas, having an attached garage may be more desirable. At least in Northeast Ohio, where bad weather is common in colder months, detached garages may not be as desirable, especially if they are a fair distance from the main dwelling. However, truthfully, I rarely see evidence in the data.

    In lower-density areas, detached garages tend to be larger in size, which is also more desirable. The trade-off between a smaller attached garage vs. a larger but detached garage is often a wash, at least in doing my research.

    With regard to decreasing the value of a home, I can’t think of a garage that would necessarily decrease the value. If the garage was so small that it was not usable for parking a vehicle, it might not add much to the value.

    One thing that might detract from a home’s market value is if the quality of construction or condition of the garage was sub-par. That could have a negative influence on market value.

    In some neighborhoods, the size of garage matters. In other areas, there may be no significant market difference between a two or three-car garage or even for having a garage vs. not.

    It really depends on a careful analysis of each neighborhood to make that determination. One should never assume that a larger garage always brings more value. Hopefully, this helps. These are my opinions, based upon my experience and research in my area. Things may be totally different in different parts of the country.”

    Jamie Owen, Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser at Aspen Appraisal Services

    On a separate note, if you want to know more about the career of being a real estate appraiser, here’s an exclusive interview I conducted with Jamie Owen. Be sure to check it out!

    Disclaimer: The information in this post is for general information only, and not intend to provide any advice. They are subjected to change without any notice, and not guaranteed to be error-free. Some of the posts on may contain views and opinions from the interviewees. They do not reflect our view or position.

    (**) Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you. Our company, JCHQ Publishing will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on the link. Please understand that we include them based on our experience or the research on these companies or products, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something through the links. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


    Jacob Coleman

    attached vs built in garage

    Jacob is a content writer and a real estate investor. He has experience working with different real estate professionals throughout the years. (i.e., appraisers, real estate agents, property managers, home inspectors.)

    In order to build a career you love, Jacob believes not only you need a thorough understanding about the profession, but you also have to find out what type of jobs could match your personality, lifestyle and expectation.

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    In this blog we would like to look at some different garage types and their uses. What they are, their benefits and disadvantages, and most of all what it means for YOU, the garage owner. First a few interesting facts.

    In the early years of the horseless carriage, many of these contraptions were stored in carriage barns, the precursor to the modern garage. Of course, the original carriage that was stored in these buildings was of the variety WITH a horse, which many times meant the horse was also living within that building. As time went on those who could afford carriages of the horseless variety disliked the smell and dirt that went with animals and opted to build separate buildings for their prized motorized carriages! Thus, the garage was born.

    The word “garage” originates from the French word “garer”, which simply means shelter. Early garages were also called “motor houses”. Many garages from before 1914 were prefabricated and were normally styled to match the house and its locale. Most early garages were of timber construction and few have survived. Many musical bands started their careers in a garage, and businesses were started from these humble beginnings as well.

    Early on the grease and dirt of these motorized monstrosities we now simply know as cars made it very undesirable to have the garage close to the living quarters, so the first garages were generally far removed from the dwelling, though at times they were attached to other outbuildings. As time went on and vehicles became more common (and perhaps less smelly) the building to house them was many times attached to the primary dwelling place.

    Many houses built in recent decades have garages “built on” or built at the time the house was constructed. This type of garage is, as the name states, attached to the home with a doorway into the main house from the garage itself. This is the most convenient garage for those living in cold weather areas since it eliminates the need to walk through rain, wind, snow, or other inclement weather. However, some think this type of garage takes away from the character of the house since most times it is somewhat separate from the main roof line. Many times, it will look a bit like an afterthought; a separate building stuck onto the main building. With an attached garage you are limited in style and you’re stuck with what you have!attached vs built in garage

    Often when we go to purchase a home, the attached garage may already be there. So, you will not have much choice in that situation. However, if you are looking to add a garage to your property, an attached garage might be right for you, if…

    An integral garage is much like an attached garage except for having much more thought put into the aesthetics of the entire house. It is basically an attached garage that is built within the parameters of the main house, using design techniques more pleasing to the eye than simply attaching another building to the existing one.

    One of the disadvantages of both an attached garage and an integral garage is also one of its strong points. The doorway into the home adjacent to the garage. This connection can allow unwanted fumes and smells to enter the main house. Preventing this kind of unpleasant experience can be as simple as making sure the doors entering the house are well sealed and airtight. A little weather stripping goes a long way!

    This type of garage is also more commonly built into the home prior to purchase. However, if you are looking to add a garage to your property, an integral garage might be right for you if…

    A semi-detached or breezeway garage in many ways has all the benefits of an attached or integral garage without the downside. With a breezeway connecting the garage to the house proper inclement weather is literally an outside problem. A breezeway garage can easily be added to an existing house and allows you to be creative especially if you get a prefab garage builder to design your garage to your taste. Imagine, a Cape Cod style, with a story on top of the garage itself, where you can build your dream man cave. Best of all the nasty smells and fumes are far enough from the house itself that they pose no problem.

    Basically, if you want the best of both worlds, owning an attached garage, without literally being attached! Also choose this type of garage if…

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  • A detached garage has no connection to the house. This, of course, means carrying groceries through the rain or delightful Colorado snow at times! However, detached garages offer a standalone structure that can not only effectively house your car(s) but offer an additional space for workshops, such as woodworking, etc. Thanks to the fact that detached garages are unattached structures, the noise of cars and woodworking adventures disappears before reaching your house. Detached garages can be built anywhere on one’s property.

    A detached garage may be the best fit for you if…

    When you think prefab garage you may think of a small, cheaply built, and nonpermanent structure. However, if you go with a reputable prefab garage builder, the opposite is true. Prefab detached garages are built with high quality materials and with detailed, skilled craftsmanship. They can also be permanent structures. There are many prefab garages available not only in one car styles, but two, three, and even four! Double-Wide, attic, and even two-story prefab detached garages are readily available from a reputable garage builder right here in the Colorado Springs area. Endless, personal customization opportunities is also available with prefab detached garages.

    • One of the most affordable garage types• Can be transportable if necessary or desired• Eliminates ALL potential car fumes etc. from drifting into the home• Eliminates unnecessary or bothersome noises from your vehicles or “loud” hobbies• Flexibility in property location• Provides a chance to get fresh air• Endless Customization available• Best option for an extra workshop or hobby space

    • Causes exposure to unpleasant weather conditions• Less convenient transition from garage to the house• Some homeowner’s associations may restrict this type of garage• Can be less durable (this really depends on whether you go with a reputable garage builder or not)

    A prefab detached garage may be the pick for you if…

    Carport garages are the most economically priced metal structures that will protect your vehicle from inclement weather. Although your choices are more limited than with a prefab detached garage, if you want to pinch your pennies this garage may be for you! They are even available in larger sizes for RV’s and similarly sized vehicles. While normally we think of carports as having only a protective roof, carport garages can be customized with open or enclosed sides.

    They say money speaks…so it is quite possible that this is best fit for you if…

    There you have it, folks! We covered all the main garage types along with their distinctions, pros, cons, and when they might be the best choice.

    The “garages are now in your court”!

    Which garage is for you? You decide!

    Or…Partner with Colorado Shed Company for a prefab detached garage of your dreams!

    Detached garages are great if you’re looking to create another living space such as a man cave, apartment or even a music studio! They give you a sense of privacy from the rest of the home.

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    attached vs built in garage

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    Mid-Atlantic Door Group Inc. Distributors of Overhead Door Corp.

    Whether you’re making renovations to your existing home or considering plans for new construction, it’s important to understand the differences between detached and attached garage structures. There are many factors to weigh, including your new garage door budget, lot size, safety concerns and the contents you intend to store. Once you compare the benefits of each style of garage, you’ll find the right fit for your home.

    Just as the name suggests, an attached garage is one that is connected to your home, sharing one wall and featuring direct access into the house. A detached garage is one that is free standing and completely separate from your home, whether a few feet or several yards away.attached vs built in garage

    You might prefer a detached garage if your lot size is long and narrow, as this structure can be built behind the home to take advantage of the space. These garages are also considered safer, as carbon monoxide fumes won’t be seeping into your home through the garage entry door. Plus, if you have overnight guests, building a detached garage with living quarters upstairs is cheaper and easier than attempting one attached to the home.

    Cost is a factor with home renovations, so an attached garage may be a better option for your budget. These typically cost less since one wall already exists, and you’re constructing an addition to the home rather than starting from scratch. In addition, you’ll likely prefer an attached structure that shelters you from winter and foul weather as you get to your car. If you have a smaller home, these structures are handy for storing household items that you want easily accessible. They also offer a perfect spot for a freezer or second refrigerator.

    If you’re considering making changes or building a new garage, take the time to research the differences between detached and attached garages. You need to understand the advantages of each type of structure. Depending on your circumstances and physical situation, you’ll find the one that’s right for you.

    Justin White is the VP of Marketing for Mid-Atlantic Door Group, Inc. The company opened in 1973 and now consists of (3) official Overhead Door™ Distributors and (8) warehouse locations throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Justin was born into the door industry, ultimately following in his father’s footsteps and joining the family owned business in 2011. After spending time in the field with fellow mechanics, Justin found his niche in marketing, along with a specialty in residential garage door sales, installation, and service.

    Since 1973, Mid-Atlantic Door Group, Inc. has been providing Washington DC, Suburban MD, Frederick MD, Southern MD, Northern VA, Fredericksburg VA, Richmond VA, Harrisburg PA, Hanover-York PA, and the surrounding areas with the most reliable and trusted garage door services. These services include new door sales, professional installation, and 24/7 garage door repair services on all makes and models.

    We are the region’s only Authorized Overhead Door™ Distributors. All of our products enjoy the garage door industry’s best warranty.

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    The age-old question, should I have an attached or detached garage?!

    There are benefits to both types of garage, however, both types still have their downsides!?

    It’s all going to come down to what you consider to be the best choice for you and you’re circumstances.

    All garage types are designed for the same main purpose, but aren’t all the same in design and build, what might be suitable for one person may not be suitable for another?

    If you’re buying a house then chances are it already has a pre-existing garage, in this case, it’s best to make do and improve your garage to its maximal potential. attached vs built in garage

    But if you’re planning on having a garage built or even just replacing the old one, then you’ll have the option of your design and whether it’s attached or detached?

    As long as you know how to decide which is best for you, (picking certain aspects between the two that you’d prefer) then choosing what’s best will be a doddle!!

    An attached garage can be more convenient and cheaper to build though it’s better to have a detached garage. Detached garages look nicer, tend to be larger, and there’s the potential of it being extended. Dangerous items are safely stored away from the property, any machine noises are lessened, and smells unsubstantial. There are also advantages in security and energy efficiency as well.

    We’ve summed it up and scrutinized the two to help you decide which is best for you!

    Through this article, you’ll also find products that link back to Amazon. The products we display are what we’d consider if we were in fact buying them ourselves. And yes some we do actually own!!

    Garage location is the most important aspect when deciding what is right for you. Would you rather a garage near for regular use or further away as an escape or workplace??

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  • An attached garage doesn’t come with many options as to where your garage can be located, as the garage itself is attached to your home. (Hence the name!)

    Attached garages are generally positioned at the front of a property flush with the front of the house. The majority of attached garages are built and positioned in this same general place and can at times feel a bit uninspired or common.

    Having an attached garage located in this position can often put people off as the view of a big garage door at the front of a property isn’t all that attractive. 

    So there isn’t much that can be done to improve the visual aspect of where your attached garage is located but the style can be still be improved upon.

    A single garage with a lean-to or flat roof just looks so drab, but an annex above or a 2-story configuration, tying in with the main roof can look so much more appealing? (But comes at a price!!)

    A detached garage can come with many more options when it comes to location, and you’ll have more freedom for where your garage can be positioned.

    You can have it set back from the front of the property, off to the side, or around the back. Wherever you choose.

    The best aspect of having a detached garage is the fact that you can hide the garage itself to a certain degree, and don’t have to worry about the front of your house looking an eyesore!

    Also having a detached built garage you aren’t governed by the width of your drive and you can have a much wider detached garage. Detached garages then tend to take up a larger area of your property because of this and also due to the design.

    Going detached will give you more scope of ideas and inspiration and can be transformed into a thing of beauty much easier than an attached!!

    When it comes to garage looks, then you don’t want something mundane, you want something that’s different and adds to the visual aesthetics of your home. 

    Most attached garages look the same, but if you’ve got a nice stretch of land off to the side of your house then a nice built-in garage could look great!

    A double garage with an extension over the top as well and then decorated with matching features to the house can also look pretty nice?

    Attached garages can be compact, and this can help things look more organized when your storage is set up efficiently.

    A great benefit to having a detached garage is the fact that you can do so much in order to make your detached garage look less like a garage.

    Some garage owners make the outside of their garage look like an additional house or a little cottage, which can help make your property look that much prettier.

    You can even buy prefabricated detached garages with a stairway to a second storey which can be a nicely kitted out granny flat, with car storage below.

    When comparing the size difference between an attached and a detached garage, detached garages tend to be the larger out of the two choices.

    This is due to different factors, such as fewer limitations when considering building and extending a detached garage when compared to an attached garage.

    Many attached garages tend to be rather small, usually with enough room for one car (just!!) and a bit of storage.

    The size is limited to land around your house with a garage either constructed to the side or, wrapped around the rear of the property usually with a living extension as well.

    Not everyone wants a larger garage though so an attached garage can be ideal if you don’t require much storage space or have a small property.

    Detached garages are typically used to store more than one car or has space for a car and enough floor space to be used as a workshop.

    It’s the larger size of detached garages that gives them the upper hand in terms of being a more workable space.

    For example, it would be much easier to transform a detached garage into a multi-functional room than what it would be to do the same in an attached garage.

    The downside to a larger detached garage is the fact that the garage itself will take up more space on your land. (but you will have all that extra space on the inside!!)

    When it comes to which kind of garage has the best access, there are two forms of access that we should be considering.

    If you struggle to ‘Swing In & Out Like A Pro’ of your attached garage then you might want to read our parking blog below!?

    Attached garages have the benefit of having an access door into your home located inside the garage itself, which can be a massive convenience.attached vs built in garage

    When you consider daily tasks such as taking shopping into your house then an attached garage can work (massively!) in your favor.

    This also works well when avoiding bad weather as you’ll stay dry when entering or leaving the house. This is a great benefit when doing the school run!

    A garage front-facing to the side of your property can be as simple as just driving in and no excessive driving across your property.

    Burglars prefer an attached garage as it’s a doorway into your home and can be easier to access than through the front floor. (A coat hanger trick here, or a pick of an internal lock there, and then they’re in!!)

    Although detached garages have the upper hand in size when considering room to park, the location can however have a big downside.

    It may be tricky for you to access your garage if you’ve got a narrow drive and your garage is positioned at the rear.

    If your garage isn’t too hard to reach, then detached garages will reap the benefits of having extra space when you are in them with a feeling of lots of space.

    Although you then have the problem of the travel to the house with shopping, kids, grandparents and most importantly, you! You could always build a sheltered walkway or have an umbrella stand!?

    This is probably one of the most common questions asked when it comes to our garage debate.

    The simple answer is that attached garages are usually much cheaper to build.

    This is because when adding an attached garage, you’re adding 3 walls instead of 4 as you already have some form of structure. (in the form of your home!)

    The complexity of running water, electrics, or any other services is fairly simple due to the main supplies being just the other side of the wall!!

    The side of a house (the drive) is easier to start a build and make foundations. Also, deliveries for a build are easier accessed here making things cheaper or at least easier!?

    As they are common add-ons the price and complexity are standard and a builder will have a ballpark price in his head from a first visit. Chances are he’s done lots and it’s very same-same.

    The complexities that come with constructing a detached garage makes this option cost between 30 and 50% more than attached for a similar build.

    The groundwork may not be as straight forward as an attached could be and also the sheer fact of needing more material to build the garage itself.

    Granted the end result will look nicer but it will be harder to price up a complete build with all the variables that would need to be discussed.

    That generally means more money due to it being a tailored project rather than a more off the shelf approach.

    Convenience is something that we can all benefit from that comes in short supply nowadays!

    The whole point of having a garage is for added convenience, but different levels and aspects come with the two different kinds of garages. 

    Attached garages can arguably be the victor in this category, because unlike a detached garage you can access your house from inside your garage.

    This is extra helpful when completing everyday tasks like taking in the groceries or doing the school run.

    On bad weather days, you can bet that attached garages are worth their salt. No longer will you have to run down the drive in the rain to reach your car! (simply open your interior garage door and you’re in!)

    With your garage being part of your house, you’ll have closer and better access to various appliances, from water access to a nice cup of tea!

    Having a garage that is an adequate space to store your bikes, cars, tools, and camping equipment is more convenient than things being in the attic or crammed into a disorganized smaller attached garage.

    But if you did want electricity or water access in your detached garage, then you’ll have to run a supply out for that convenience.

    If you are anything like us here at garage wisdom, then no doubt you spend a considerable amount of time in your garage, and if this is the case you wouldn’t want to be spending any time in a cold garage. 

    In any case, if your garage is poorly constructed and uninsulated, then it doesn’t matter if it’s attached or detached as the garage itself won’t offer much protection from the elements. 

    You should always do the basics to improve the temperature and condition of your garage, in order to get the most out of it and to make your garage as efficient as possible.

    If your garage has no heating then take 5 to read our ‘Winter’s Coming’ blog first before even considering heating your garage!?

    Yes, an attached garage may be warmed by the rest of your house and constructed with an insulated wall cavity to match the house, but this is not very efficient when you have warm air escaping the garage.

    Attached garages usually have up and over doors, which are fitted with a small gap at the top of the door, and warm air will always escape through this gap.

    Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to crank up the thermostat, in order to combat cold air that enters via the garage, which will eventually make its way into your home.

    An efficient heated attached garage with all these problems ironed out can be fairly snug but perhaps not as snug as a detached one?

    A detached garage normally single skin will be surrounded by draughts and cold air trying to enter, and there isn’t any additional heat source to give it a helping hand!

    A detached garage can house various heaters that you’d rather not use in an attached garage like a wood burning stove or a propane gas heater.

    A detached garage has the scope of being insulated better as the larger size garage can hide that chunky cavity of insulation!

    When insulated correctly a detached garage has the potential to be the warmest. 

    When it comes to making your garage bigger in size, then there’ll be limitations with whichever garage you have.

    If you are considering expanding your garage, whether it is attached or detached, depending on where you live you may have to gain some building permits.

    It’s always best to check with your local authority before undertaking any expansion work.

    Also, the price between permits for either type of garage can be different, again this all depends on where you live and what you intend to do.

    Because the attached garages are built-in as part of a house, then this makes it extremely difficult to add any type of extension.

    You’re governed by the height or length of the house and planners like you to keep structures in keeping with others. (not jetting out further or higher than what’s around?)

    Some garage installation companies may not even do an extension job on an attached garage, because it could potentially cause problems with the foundations and structure of your already settled home. 

    Now, detached garages on the other hand are king when it comes to size extensions and remodeling.

    Because the garage itself is detached, then this usually allows for much more space around the garage’s perimeter, meaning that the garage itself is not restricted to limitations by your house’s design. (just by your land!?)

    Height extensions are not out of the question for many detached garages, an additional level to your garage could potentially be possible, but just be aware that this wouldn’t come cheap.

    Some garage owners even transform their garage roofs into accessible annex type areas for entertaining guests and extra living space.

    Garage safety is a very important topic and should be considered by every garage owner.

    When we’re discussing the safety of the garage, then we’re not just focusing on one aspect of safety but, the overall safety of the garage itself.

    Our top concern of course is our own personal safety and the two choices of garages have strong considerations in their respected rights.

    If you want to delve deeper into garage safety then you need to read the ‘How Safe Is Your Garage’ blog below!

    With attached garages, you have less to worry about when going out to your car in the dark. The benefit of not being required to exit your house or garage is a plus when it comes to these types of crimes, as sadly in modern times crimes are not uncommon.

    When considering various fumes that can travel into your home from the garage like car fumes (carbon monoxide), then maybe an attached isn’t a great option?

    Things like house fires could also be a greater risk when you have an attached garage with all its usual nasties stored in there as well as your beautiful car and belongings!

    A garage is an easy target to gain access into your property via the flimsy garage door, so you may need to consider better measures to preventing unwanted entry onto your property??

    On the other hand, when it comes to detached garages, they have a big argument themselves in regards to garage safety.

    With your garage being located away from your property then you are potentially at less risk than what you would get from an attached garage.

    Garage fires are a common cause for house fires and as devastating as they are, you’d prefer a detached garage because of this circumstance alone!

    With a detached garage not being part of your home, you can store more hazardous materials safer than when having an attached garage.

    Any fumes or nasty garage smells will be contained away from your house with a detached garage giving you license to breathe easily in your house!!

    A major safety benefit to having a detached garage is the fact is if someone was to break into the garage, then they wouldn’t have easy access to your house. 

    Both attached and detached garages are the potential target for any criminals regardless of their safety features.

    A burglar may want to access your attached garage in order to be able to enter your home and have free reign of all your possessions.

    Whereas detached garages may be the target of a criminal, because of the lower chance of encountering someone in the garage, not to mention that the garage itself is located away from the property, and is arguably easier to access without alerting anyone. 

    Want even more on security??

    Then visit other articles on garage safety;

    and many more in our Defense category in the blog section of the site.!

    When it comes to which kind of garage is the most common, then it isn’t really as easy as counting garages?

    A couple of decades ago when garages where gaining popularity they where typically constructed as an attached garage to the side of the house.

    But, over time as properties have gotten larger and family needs have changed, detached garages are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

    It also depends on where you live, because attached garages require less room to build, so choice is less common in built-up areas. 

    When vehicles are stored in a garage, they can bring with them a variety of smells, from petrol to burning rubber!

    And it’s not just your car that could be contributing to this area, anything stored within your garage is also a potential culprit, from hazardous cleaning chemicals to strong-smelling paints and lawnmowers, etc.

    Having an attached garage means that these kinds of odors and fumes can easily make their way into your home, which is usually only separated by a thin door.

    However, ventilation within the attached garages is usually better than their detached counter parts, so this may not be such a bad thing to consider?

    Detached garages have the benefit of being separated from your house, so any fumes or bad smells won’t affect your every-day home life.

    Fumes in a detached garage can be dissipated with better and bigger ventilation systems that can be set up.

    By now you’ve probably already realized that both types of garages strive in different aspects, but what you may not have considered is the fact that you could potentially have the benefits of both kinds of garages working for you.

    If you already have an attached garage and enough space to add an additional detached garage (not to mention the funds!), then it may be worth considering having both types of garages.

    I know, this may sound excessive or just a waste, but with the option of transforming your attached garage into a multi-functional room, such as a utility room or an extra bedroom.

    Then, you’ll also have an extra safe place to store your vehicle and other items, not to mention setting up that workshop that you’ve always wanted!?

    At the end of the day the best garage-type for you all depends on your own personal needs, so weigh up the pros and cons of both varieties and go with whichever offers you the most convenience. 

    Here at Garage Wisdom, we have a large detached garage sat near the end of our garden, which may seem more secure, however, we have had people try to eye up our garage in the past, which has encouraged us to beef up our security.

    If we had to decide on which garage type is the best, then we would more than likely go for a detached garage, this may appear a bit bias as we have a detached garage, however, there are a few key factors that help us make this decision. 

    We believe that a detached garage is best, because it:

    But, the best reason for choosing a detached garage, is the fact that detached garages are much more multi-purpose and easier to transform.

    You can use a detached garage as a workshop or an office space, and still, have enough room to park your car!

    Now you have all the information to make an informed decision, so, what kind of garage are you going to pick?

    Attached or detached?


    Last Updated: 6th May, 2020

    Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what is a attached garage?

    Detached vs. Attached Garages. Just as the name suggests, an attached garage is one that is connected to your home, sharing one wall and featuring direct access into the house. A detached garage is one that is free standing and completely separate from your home, whether a few feet or several yards away.

    Similarly, what is the difference between an integral garage and an attached garage? An integral garage is much like an attached garage with the exception of having much more thought put into the aesthetics of the entire house. This can allow unwanted fumes and smells to enter the main house.

    Beside this, is it cheaper to build an attached garage?

    attached vs built in garage

    The cost to build an attached garage is cheaper on average by around 10 percent. This can fluctuate depending on material cost at the time of building, your area, and the contractor (if any) that you are using.

    Is it better to have an attached or detached garage?

    An attached garage is simply much easier to access than a detached garage. It’s more convenient and easier to pop back and forth between the house and the garage when all that separates the two is one door, instead of an entire driveway’s worth of space.

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    6th May, 2020

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    When scouting out homes to buy or lots to build on, it’s easy to overlook or underestimate a key component of the property: the garage.

    The next owner may desire the convenience of an attached garage. Or, future occupants could value the flexibility and plentiful perks of a detached garage. Each type has its pros and cons. Investors and flippers, as well as those building a home they plan to live in, need to consider these points carefully.

    A one- to two-car or larger garage that’s connected to the home has a lot going for it.

    “It uses the same roof and foundation, which makes maintenance simpler,” says Noah Brinker, owner of Cash Homes NWA, a home-flipping firm in Fayetteville, Arkansas. “And it offers easy access for the owner.”

    That latter feature is coveted by buyers today.

    “Direct access is convenient in cold and wet climates when the owner doesn’t want to brave the elements,” says Marc Anthony, a real estate agent with Beverly Hills, California-based Coldwell Banker Realty.

    Connie Heintz, president of DIYoffer, a homebuying and selling directory in Toronto, notes that if yard space is a priority on an empty lot, an attached garage is the way to go.

    “It’s also easier and generally less expensive to build one, as you already have one or two walls set up. You can easily extend your heating and air conditioning system from the main house to the garage, too,” says Heintz.

    But attached garages have their disadvantages.

    “It may be taking up space under your roof that could be used as living space for the home,” explains Bruce Ailion, an Atlanta-based Realtor and property attorney. “That’s why you often see people convert attached garages to dens as their living space needs grow.”

    Attached garages can allow exhaust, fumes, and noise to infiltrate your home, as well.

    “For this reason, it’s usually recommended that doors between the garage and home have door-closing mechanisms installed,” recommends Anthony.

    What’s more, these connected structures could make it easier for intruders to access the main house.

    A detached garage, on the other hand, “provides a barrier between your residence and any noise, hazardous fumes, or vibrations. That results in a healthier environment for your residence,” Anthony notes.

    Considering that fires often start in garages, having it removed from your main structure provides peace of mind.

    “A detached garage is a great option for setting up a workshop, DIY room, or man cave, too,” Heintz adds, “because you have more privacy.”

    Suzanne Hollander, a Florida International University real estate faculty member in Miami, points out another underappreciated plus.

    “Not having an attached garage means your home may have more natural light thanks to more window space available,” says Hollander.

    Walking outdoors between your garage and home during a downpour, snowstorm, or blustery or frigid day can be a real drag. And lugging heavy groceries or goods between those points is no picnic, either.

    “The biggest disadvantage of a detached garage is that it’s generally more expensive to build and maintain,” Brinker says. “Overall, a detached garage is less favorable among buyers than an attached garage.”

    Any of these factors could persuade you that it’s time to tear down a garage — especially one in need of expensive repair or updates — and build a new structure. Maybe razing a detached garage and constructing an attached version is your best bet.

    “If you want your older garage to match the overall architecture of the home, or you want an expanded space, tearing it down may be wise,” suggests Heintz.

    Brinker says most investors typically price an attached garage around $50 per square foot; your price may vary widely depending on location and other factors.attached vs built in garage

    HomeAdvisor (NASDAQ: ANGI) estimates the national average cost to build a garage ranges from $16,810 to $38,781.

    Give thought to how the next owner will use the garage.

    “In urban areas, an attached garage may provide privacy and be seen as more desirable. But in rural areas, a detached garage may be preferred,” Anthony says.

    For help in factoring the impact of the garage on your investment property, “talk to real estate agents in your area,” recommends Brinker. “Drive around and take note of which type is more popular in your market. And think about which type will make the most sense to own in 10 to 15 years.”

    Our team of analysts agrees. These 10 real estate plays are the best ways to invest in real estate right now. By signing up to be a member of Real Estate Winners, you’ll get access to our 10 best ideas and new investment ideas every month. Find out how you can get started with Real Estate Winners by clicking here.

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