what does ideological bent mean

what does ideological bent mean

what does ideological bent mean
what does ideological bent mean


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A bias based upon a particular ideology as held by the purveyor
of the bias such as the author of an editorial. Often used in
regard to political, religious, or philosophical rhetoric..

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the interests or ambitions of a country from an ideological
point of view

what does ideological bent mean

an ideological subsystem is the ideas, beliefs, knowledge, and
means of their communication that characterize a culture.

Ideological parties focus on changing society in major ways.

some ideological parties have been around a long time

Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute ended in 1966.

Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute was created in 1961.

The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution was created
in 1967.

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  • An ideological position is when someone agrees with the main
    idea. This is used mostly with politics, culture, and religion.

    Yes, it is an ideological country because it was won by the
    Muslims of India on the basis of Islamic Ideology.

    Ideological parties are groups of people that hold the same
    ideas and beliefs about how things are or how they ought to be.
    There are ideological parties in all sorts of fields.
    Some examples of ideologies are communism, socialism,
    capitalism, social Darwinism, mercantilism, classical liberalism,

    Ideological differences did not cause the cold war. Nuclear
    Weapons caused the cold war.

    The military threat grew out of the mutual ideological threat
    between the west and the east.

    The ideological distribution of the Supreme Court today skews
    slightly conservative.

    The socialists party

    “It is bent”
    “It was bent”
    “It will be bent”

    Typically, “bent” is used as an insult as in “get bent.”
    The phrase “get bent” means “get bent over,” in other words,
    “screw you.”



    Ideological Control is a concept introduced by the Marxists. It
    means to control someone not physically, but mentally, in a subtle,
    sub-conscious manner. You are not aware you are ideologically
    controlled, as it is everything that surrounds you. The only way to
    prevent this form of ideological control would be a complete
    communist revolution.

    Ask us about specific movements. We are not prepared to give the
    ideological foundations of every movement in human history, all in
    one answer.

    A bent engine piston is a reference to the piston rod. The
    piston cannot be bent, but the piston rod can be bent.

    Cannon believe it or

    economic and ideological

    speculation that can be imaginary or visionary


    You can use the word ideological to describe shared ideas or beliefs, and the word breaks down to ideo- (not “idea,” but close) and -logical. An ideological stand for equal rights made Rosa Parks stay in her seat at the front of the bus.

    Ideological is an adjective that describes political, cultural, or religious beliefs. An ideology is a body of ideas, and those who agree with the main idea of something take an ideological stand to support it. Unlimited freedom is a strong ideological belief in countries like the United States, and communism was once the ideological foundation in parts of Europe. Some follow ideological ideals that are logical, while others take stands that seem, well, idiotic or illogical, like racism.

    what does ideological bent mean
    what does ideological bent mean

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